Hot Rollers

If you are like me, you want to look put together without all the work. You get up in the morning and get your coffee, you look at your curling iron or flat iron and dread sitting there for 30 minutes or more, getting an arm workout in the process. What if I told you the old mainstay hot rollers are in again and will change your mornings or anytime you need to look done? It’s as easy as sections, setting, and forgetting (well, almost forgetting). Conair InfinitiPro Ceramic Flocked Hot Rollers will be the game changer you need in your beauty routine.

Step 1: Prep

You want bone-dry hair, the dryer your hair, the more the heat will set your hair. Wash the night before, and air dry if possible. I have found that if I air dry, I get more shine, bounce, and stronger setting curls and waves. Get out the flexible hold hairspray and heat protectant; you will need both, and don’t forget the section clips. If you have thick long hair like me, the net to hold the rollers close to your head while they set is a game changer too. You can get a net at Sally’s Beuty Supply, or even a long piece of silky cloth like a scarf would work too.


Step 2: Section

Depending on how many rollers you have, you want to section pertaining to your base style. If you want bouncy waves and curls, three sections on top of your crown, three on each side of your head, and two in the back(yes, I have tons of hair). When You section and roll each section, remember to give a light spritz of heat protection and hair spray. Roll as neat and tight to the scalp as you can. Then again, spritz a gentle spray of hair spray all over. With The InifinitiPro Ceramic Rollers, you get 20 various sizes of hot rollers and clamp clips. Take that net or scarf and gently wrap your head.

Step 3: Relax

You could take a break, do your makeup or relax. I am going to relax. Wait for the rollers to cool completely. I would give it 20/35 minutes, you could take them out sooner, but your waves and curls could get droopy during the day, and we want bombshell-done hair to last all day.

Step 4: Unroll

Now to the fun part! Take the oldest rolled roller and unclip and gently unroll it, almost like allowing the roller to drop into your hand. Do every single one, from the oldest to the newest rolled roller. Your hair might need a gentle comb with a wide toothcomb. Then take a break again! Your hair is done!


Conair InfinitiPro Flocked Hot Rollers Set is what you need for bouncy curls and waves in a flash. They heat up in under a minute, and you get 20 flocked rollers that come in 3/4″ , 1″, 1 1/4″, and 1 1/2″. You get 4 jumbos,6 large,6 medium, and 4 small rollers. These rollers are ceramic, so there will be smooth heating that will have anti-frizz properties with less damage. The price ranges from $30 U.S. to $60 U.S. depending on where you purchase it. Overall my mornings have been amazing since I have used these great hot rollers.Go get some hot rollers and never have a bad hair day again!

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