All I know is heavy foundation is uncomfortable. We all want that smooth, flawless look, but some of the choices we have had in the past felt like a mask. If you want full/medium coverage, dewy and not cakey, and a pretty bottle to boot, you need to try Kat Von D’s new foundation Good Apple Serum. I am no spring chicken, and I need a serum-based moisturizing foundation that will cover my flaws without me wanting to tear my face off. Matte foundations are beautiful but sometimes do not look so natural in certain lights. That’s where this foundation comes to play, all the good extracts like apple and glycerine keep the skin glowing.

Feels Good On Skin

The whole reason why I stopped using Lock It from Kat Von D is that it felt a little heavy on my face. And let’s be real, it was way too thick for summer, Lock it-covered tattoos and sunk into the lines on my face, so sadly, it was a no-go. Good Apple Serum is a breath of fresh air! It feels like air, and it covers like a dream. There is a lightness and glow when I use Light 12, and the many compliments on my skin using it have given me all the confirmation I need.   

Max Coverage with No Weight

The coverage is incredible, like Lock-it without all the drawbacks. It is transfer-proof and will last and last through the day.It also contains Flexible Elastomer Pigments that practically meld into your skin. The serum light formula also contains Quince Leaf to keep the shine and melt at bay. All you have when you wear this foundation is a beautiful glow.I have hyperpigmentation, scares, and redness and this coverage is perfect and looks like my skin, not the makeup.   

40 Shades

I love that Kat has thought of almost practically everyone and has given us 40 shades to play with. From light 002 is for the very fair, to the beautiful Deep 098 for deep shaded skin. I feel 40 shades is an incredible cache of choices for everyone. The Good Apple Serum contains Apple Extract and Glycerine to give hydration and bring a glow to your skin. Inclusivity is important when it comes to foundation, believe it or not. It’s important everyone is represented, and I feel that Kat delivered.

Best Use I Have Found

I have tried using my fingers, brush, and beauty blender. I recommend using a damp beauty blender (or dupe) and just lightly tapping away till the foundation is completely applied and blended into your skin. First, I apply my moisturizer, and then I use a dewey primer from Makeup Revolution. I use the back of my hand as a pallet and just lightly tap the sponge, then start on the center of your face or wherever you find you have any flaws or redness and work your way out towards your jawline. Then if you would like, apply a little concealer under the eyes or in the spots you would like. Use a fluffy brush for powder if you like, and gently tap a little bit on the skin. 


Kat Von D has given us an amazing tool for self-care. The Good Apple Serum Foundation is vegan and cruelty-free also it is non-comedogenic and flashback free for when you take that selfie or pics with friends and family. It has a pump, so you can pump out exactly what you would like, and you don’t have to worry about the mess. Overall This foundation has changed the way I feel about my skin and how I feel about Kat Von D’s products. Out is a heavy thick product in, with a light serum smooth that gives us the glow and smoothness that we have been asking for. If you are like me, you want full coverage with a light feel, and Good Apple Serum Foundation delivers.

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