I currently love my lips, finally. All the stinging lip glosses in the world would not give me the look that I wanted. So, I had to take matters into my own hands and call Chapter Aesthetic Studio.

I made my first appointment in October and waited months to get filled again. My lips were still full, they just needed to be topped off. I currently have filler and a lip flip( lip flip is when you get Botox done on the top lip to achieve almost a flip in your top lip.

Just A Call Away

I made the appointment on a Wednesday and the scheduler got me in on Friday. The nurse practitioner who does my lips was available then thankfully so I took the appointment and waited patiently till Friday.

The first thing they did was greeted me and took me right back. I was excited and nervous, getting your lips does not hurt per se its just a little spicy feeling.

I asked for a dental block, but that was not available so I get the numbing cream. It works fast! I was drooling almost.

Then my injector and me caught up after not seeing each other for a while.

It was time! I sat so still and it was over in a flash…

my lips are full and flip a little…perfect.

YouTube to come shortly showing the results!

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