All I can say is for 40, I feel I look pretty good. Lucky to have zero lines and minimal aging (Knock on wood). I contribute that mainly to staying out of the sun and my skincare. I am grateful to have used Yonka Paris products since 2009, and I still love them to this day. Some jump from products, I got lucky and found my would products early on in my life. I want to let you know that by any means, you are indebted to try anything I recommend. I just want to share what has worked for me, and hopefully, my advice works for you too.

Natural Organic Skincare

Skin careIf you are like me you want clean natural products that are not all chemically. Yonka products are sourced straight from the garden, if a plant based skin care is your thing then I would take a chance with Yonka Paris products.

Trusted Since 1954

Yonka products have been around since 1954 and was created by scientists and botanist Cecil, Ernest and Charles Muhlethaler. Pioneers in aromatherapy the family focused on quality clean products derived by nature.

Clean Skin Care

plant basedThe skincare line focuses on a complex that was revolutionary and to this day still is, Quintessence contains 5 beautiful clean natural extracts lavender, geranium,rosemerry,cyprus and thyme.

Tonic Is The Way

My favorite product is the tonic mist. I use it all the time morning, noon and night before and after I moisturize. I feel the biggest skin care tip I have ever gotten has come from my grandmother…keep your skin hydrated she would say.The tonic has a light natural scent that is soothing as much as it is pleasing.


Overall, I cant rant and rave about Yonka Paris Skin Care enough. I am reccomending the best of the best. It ranges in price  and is not a lower end skin care line is price range.Quality skin care is what Yonka Paris Skin Care is. 

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